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Conyers Farm, some quick stats

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“Conyers Farm is perfect for the polo playing businessman.” Geoffrey Kent

  • 1015 acres in Greenwich, and 453 acres in New York. Includes 103-acre converse lake, a back-up water supply for the town
  • Converse was recreating an earlier age in Britain, here in Greenwich (knights armor, etc.)
  • Buildings on the estate included a $100,000 dairy barn, a $25,000 hennery, a $10,000 piggery and the showpiece of the property, a $300,000 fieldstone English manor house. (4 stories, 52 rooms, view to the sound)
  • Manor house included a reception area for 200 guests, walls covered with Moroccan leather, a white marble floor, and a bowling alley
  • Self sufficient farm included 6 acres of asparagus, 10 of corn, 50 rye and oats, 500 hay, 10 of fruit, and 110 of fruit trees- great benefit to the community, yields enough for an army
  • 1936 Rosenstiel owned land and tried to downsize 83 acres from 4 acre to ½ acre to make smaller lots available

Memories of Growing Up on Conyers Manor Farm William Brooks Drew

  • “The most striking feature of the farm when one entered was the imposing house of many rooms, made of natural granite, with a pool in front, gardens, large greenhouse area...”
  • Father had particular interest in horticulture; pear, peach, and apple orchards were extensive
  • To handle marketing of the fruit, there was a cold storage not far from North Street which was used to sell fruit. Several tons of ice were harvested each year from the big lake on the property. Each day the ice was chopped up with rock salt to refrigerate the room
  • Barns- 12-15 teams of Percheron horses, (principal locomotion for farm work was by draft animals), Guernsey cows, large chicken ranges (White Leg Orange and Rhode Island Reds)
  • Milk was especially rich because it came from Guernsey cattle
  • Converse Lake extends into Westchester Country NY, has some of the most excellent Bass fishing
  • Pump house with a large Fairbanks-Morris engine pumped water from the big lake to various water towers
  • Blacksmith shop, service garage, and fire engine
  • A regular service delivery was provided for various items, as well as garbage pick-up and delivery
  • A one room school was built over the top of the poultry headquarters. A teacher was hired by the superintendent but paid for by the farm (Greenwich was 6-8 miles away and schools in Banksville were not particularly good)
  • Influenza of 1918
  • Drew and his brothers collected chestnuts and sold them for $5 a bushel in the market in Greenwich
  • Great deal of vandalism occurred after a man from NY named Mr. Sansome purchased the farm in 1927 and could not maintain the property
  • The private association comes with 24-hour security, polo grounds—and plenty of peace and quiet. There are only 60 private properties...
  • The exclusive neighborhood has attracted celebrities along with the uber-wealthy. Ron Howard and Mel Gibson are among its elite residents.

Critical Review of Old Greenwich Article in the New York Times

If you haven't read the New York Times article on Old Greenwich, you should (HERE), its worthy of a read. I give the article a solid B. I'm pretty critical when it comes to articles about Greenwich (including Cos Cob, Riverside, Old Greenwich and every other community), especially if they touch upon real estate.

Old Greenwich, Conn. Town

Since I'm a bit dorky, I'll just outline my 2 main criticisms in bullet points:

1) "The housing market is just now emerging from a nearly two-year slump induced by Hurricane Sandy." - This is the biggest concern I have about this article and the first red flag that went up in my head. Anyone that has been working on real estate in Greenwich for more than the past 4 years, understands that Old Greenwich (macro level) never went into a "slump" from Sandy or even from the bubble bursting (relative to the rest of town). Parts of Old Greenwich are now hotter than they have ever been, while areas of back country Greenwich are nowhere near their peak (adjusted for inflation). Yes, Sandy affected many homes that were under the new FEMA flood zone and slowed down some waterfront interest, but it did not put Old Greenwich into a slump. Heck, it helped houses that were just outside of the flood zone. For example, I sold an Old Greenwich house (central, south of town, just outside flood zone) for $2.121m in May 2013 that my clients had bought for $1.743m in August 2010. They didn't do any work to said house.  Yes, Hurricane Sandy caused all sorts of issues for waterfront and low lying houses in Old Greenwich, Riverside, Belle Haven, Byram, etc..., but no, it did not cause a "two-year slump."

2) North Mianus - Speaking about "slumps," the author really didn't explain the difference between southern Old Greenwich/Riverside and northern, affectionately referred to as North Mianus.  This area has seen a huge uptick over the past couple years and is one of my all-time favorite stories in Greenwich. As all Old Greenwich and Riverside residents know, there is a big difference in real estate north and south of the Post Road and Interstate 95 border. It has always been desirable to be closer to the water and therefore more expensive. In addition, as we have seen over the past 15 or so years, it has been more desirable to live close to town and the train, so that has helped spur the southern real estate growth even more. Now one area of discussion that is commonly overlooked, is not only the location differences between the two areas (north and south of Post Road), but the history of how they were created and defined.  North Mianus (northern Riverside and Old Greenwich for this discussion) was almost largely (for this discussion) built in the early 1950s after World War 2. Nimitz Place, Marshall Street, Hoover Road, you get the point. While southern Old Greenwich is much older and has a little more organic growth pattern. The 1950s brought lots of smaller cape and split level homes, which are not necessarily in vogue right now and can be very hard to convert to modern standards and demands.

This existing supply level of North Mianus (Northern Riverside and Old Greenwich) split level homes had created a bit of a ceiling in values, until the land value tipped the scales, which is why we started to see a serious pop in construction and sales starting 2 or so years ago. You see, for a long time houses in North Mianus had a hard time breaking the $1m price point. Its a fantastic place to live with great families and tons of houses/friends for kids to visit, though it was considered by some to be a bit dated as a whole. That was until the prices in lower Old Greenwich and Riverside came up so much. With the flood of buyers over the past 15 or so years looking for more of a community, close to water/town/train, we have seen a dramatic uptick in values in southern Riverside and Old Greenwich, pricing out many that started to move north to North Mianus. Eventually this pushed values and demand high enough that it made sense to tear down homes or blow out existing ones. Developers and buyers with sizable pocket books started realizing that this area of Greenwich is a fantastic place to invest in. It is still very close to downtown Old Greenwich, Binney Park, Old Greenwich and Riverside train stations and Tod's Point (Greenwich Point Park), while also providing a super family friendly tight nit environment. Kids everywhere. If you move there, you better buy lots of candy for Halloween.


Back to the original article and my critiques -  I understand that the writer has a limited number of words to use (unlike us bloggers that can go on and on and on - god bless SEO) and needs to simplify things. I also understand that the author is focusing on much more than just real estate, while I have blinders on and spend 95% of my time thinking about what houses are worth what in Greenwich. I did end up giving him a B, which is much better than passing grade in my book and am always excited when any national newspapers give attention to any Greenwich neighborhood or community. Maybe they could come back and write about the fascinating history in North Mianus!


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    Do feel free to contact this teacher for proofreading.
    • Jerry on

      Nice article but you need to work on your spelling. Holloween, realy... other typos as well...
      • Peter Flierl on

        Horse feathers! Forget the real estate angle. Has the writer ever taken in the Old Greenwich art show? Or how about the Christmas celebration with a rock band in one garage, the best chili ever on Sound Beach, handouts from Garden Caterers, carriage rides and more? Or been a member of the Old Greenwich Merchants Association? Or enjoyed hoops, soccer, an antique show, or expo at the Civic Center? Old Greenwich is a crown jewel.

        Richest Neighborhood in USA - Greenwich, CT


        Sorry, New York and California. The state with the richest neighborhoods is little ole' Maryland.

        A new ranking of the 100 richest neighborhoods in America finds that three of the top five are in Maryland, all of them close to Washington, D.C.

        This follows another recent study that found that Maryland also has the highest population of millionaires per capita than any other state, suggesting that the D.C.-area is becoming one of the nation's leading centers of wealth.

        The new neighborhood list, called the Higley Elite 100, is compiled by Stephen R. Higley, professor emeritus of urban geography at the University of Montevallo in Alabama. The list ranks neighborhoods--rather than ZIP codes or cities--by mean household income and census data, and is based on the Census Bureau's "American Community Survey 2006-2010."

        Higley said that since the census income measure tops out at $2 million, it doesn't give more credit to the super-rich earners. That could lower the rankings for neighborhoods in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco.

        (Read more: Which state leads in millionaires per capita?)

        Still, the list is a good measure of overall affluence--if not superwealth.

        Hisham Ibrahim | Getty Images
        A home in Potomac, Md.

        Ranking first on the list is the "Golden Triangle" in Greenwich, Conn., which includes homes for many of top hedge funders. The mean household income in the triangle is $614,242. Higley said the average asking price of a home in the "Triangle" was $6.7 million.

        Ranking second was the Bradley Manor-Longwood enclave of Bethesda, Md., with a mean household income of $599,440, followed by Potomac Manors in Potomac, Md., with $599,331. Another Potomac hood, Carderock-The Palisades, came in fifth, with $595,669.

        Other neighborhoods near D.C. also ranked high, including the Swinks Mill-Dominion neighborhood in McLean, Va.,(ranking 7th) and the Glendale area of McLean (ranked 19th).

        (Read more: How to become a millionaire? The answer's changed)

        Some say the rise in wealth in D.C. is a sign of the growth in the "business" of Washington, like lobbying and contractors. But Higley said it's more a sign of the rise of dual-earners in D.C.

        "In Maryland and Virginia, you have all these double-professional families," he said. "They may be making $300,000 or $400,000 a year. But they're not rich in the way that you'd find in New York or Los Angeles."

        Wealthy Atherton, Cali., hit by vandalism
        CNBC's Robert Frank reports the wealthy community of Atherton, Calif., has been targeted by vandals.

        The Golden Triangle bumped off the previous No. 1 on the list, Holmby Hills, Calif. But Higley said Holmby's fall was due mainly to a redrawing of the neighborhood to include an area with condo towers.

        "Nothing kills a high ranking like condo towers," he said.

        Higley said the study also shows the increasing diversity of today's rich neighborhoods. He said Asians and Latinos have gained the most. The white population of America's highest-earning 1,000 communities has fallen to 83 percent from 91 percent in 2000, he said. In some rich neighborhoods, the decline is far more substantial.

        (Read more: Born in San Fran? Your ladder is easier to climb)

        The Old Cutler-Hammock neighborhood of Coral Gables, Fla., ranked fourth on the list, with a mean household income of $596,851. Fully 48 percent of the neighborhood's population is Latino. Higley said that roughly two-thirds of the Latinos are Cuban--mostly business owners or entrepreneurs, many of whom were wealthy in Cuba before emigrating.

        "Even in the richest neighborhoods, the demographic change is substantial," he said.

        Here are the 10 most affluent neighborhoods in America, as measured by mean household income.

        Rank Neighborhood City Mean household income
        1 The Golden Triangle Greenwich, Conn. $614,242
        2 Bradley Manor-Longwood Bethesda, Md. $599,440
        3 Potomac Manors Potomac, Md. $599,331
        4 Old Cutler-Hammock Oaks Coral Gables, Fla. $596,851
        5 Carderock-The Palisades Potomac, Md. $595,669
        6 East Lake Shore Drive Chicago $593,454
        7 Swinks Mill-Dominion McLean, Va. $562,596
        8 Cameo Shores-Highlands Newport Beach, Calif. $554,721
        9 Pelican Hill-Pelican Crest Newport Beach, Calif. $549,659
        10 Greenhaven Rye, N.Y. $540,403
        Source: Higley Elite 100

        --By CNBC's Robert Frank. Follow him on Twitter @robtfrank.

        Greenwich CT Zip Codes

        06830 - Downtown, Byram, Belle Haven, central Mid-Country

        06831 - Glenville, Pemberwick, Back Country,  Banksville, Stanwich, North Greenwich

        06870 - Old Greenwich

        06878 - Riverside, North Mianus

        06807 - Cos Cob, Mianus, eastern Mid-Country

        For those of you that are interested, Greenwich is broken up into 4 different neighborhoods (census-designated place) between Greenwich, Cos Cob, Riverside and Old Greenwich and covers 5 different zip codes (two for Greenwich and one for each of the three remaining).


        New York Times - from 2008 about Old Greenwich, CT

        By C. J. HUGHES

        Published: July 6, 2008


        AFTER seeing Jimi Hendrix play a 1969 concert at the Fillmore East, a few blocks from her building in the East Village, and living in the same tenement as the poet Allen Ginsberg, Elena Abrahams became enamored of her artsy, walkable neighborhood.

        So in 1977, when her husband, Michael, suggested they move to Greenwich, Conn., where the counterculture was perhaps less obvious, she bristled. "I thought it might just be all green and pink ladies," Ms. Abrahams said. "And I thought I might want to kill myself."

        But in Old Greenwich, a distinct section on Long Island Sound in the town's easternmost corner, about 35 miles from Midtown, she found neighbors who, in addition to being transplanted New Yorkers, were writers, painters and musicians.

        Further, both the pint-sized business district, known as "the village," and a Metro-North train station, were just a short stroll from her front door, evoking the East Village of her younger days. "I thought, this is a really good, progressive place to be," said Ms. Abrahams, who works as a substitute teacher.

        But not many musicians, or at least the struggling variety, could afford the prices today, with single-family homes starting at around $500,000.

        Indeed, Ms. Abrahams's home, a four-bedroom 1929 colonial, with flower-pot cutouts in the shutters, cost $300,000 in 1984; she estimates it could sell for $2 million today, based on listings on her block.

        A better bet for a starter home might be one of the neighborhood's 400 condominiums, like the alcove studio bought in April by Laura Bennett, who runs a family jewelry store that has been in the village since 1945.

        The unit, with 650 square feet and a terrace through sliding glass doors, cost $325,000, she said.

        Next-door Stamford, where she also looked, didn't have nearly the charm of Old Greenwich's "quaint old-style street," with many longtime merchants, said Ms. Bennett.

        That street, Sound Beach Avenue, evokes an island resort town envisioned by Norman Rockwell, despite afternoon traffic that can snarl 20 cars deep in both directions. It has an ice cream parlor and an open-air restaurant, a barbershop with a checkered linoleum floor and a toy store with trucks in the window.

        With the exception of a pharmacy, "we don't have any chain stores," Ms. Bennett said, "and we don't want them."


        Measuring just over two square miles, with about 10,000 people, Old Greenwich is split in half by a one-two punch of Route 1 and Interstate 95.

        Houses north of that noisy dividing line, which tend toward colonials, raised ranches and brick Capes, are about half the price of ones south of it, and smaller, too. Many examples are found in Havemeyer Park, a 1940s subdivision partly developed by the boxer Gene Tunney, where streets like MacArthur Drive, Halsey Drive and Nimitz Place, bear the names of World War II military leaders, apparently in a bid to appeal to returning soldiers.

        The more coveted homes sit south, on Old Greenwich's nearly eight miles of winding coastline, which encompasses coves, ponds and rocky points, close to named microenclaves like Lucas Point, Tomac and Shorelands.

        Here, among traces of a late 1800s summer colony, sit hulking shingles and ornate Mediterraneans and eyebrow-dormered colonials; some seem to have been "Victorianized" with porches, fish-scale shingles and additions.

        Along prestigious Shore Road, there is evidence of teardowns behind boxwood hedges, where builders have maximized what's allowed under generally quarter-acre zoning.

        Also, because this section is prone to flooding in severe northeasters, many homes have had to prop themselves up in recent years under federal law.

        Condos, meanwhile, are scattered, though most are found in two complexes: Old Greenwich Gables, from the 1990s, and the Commons, from the 1970s, each with about 180 units, brokers say. Rental housing, few and far between, usually consists of sublet condos.

        In general, the narrow, twisting roads of Old Greenwich are tough enough to navigate by joggers and bicyclists. But dozens of others, marked private, are made almost impassable by sections of fence, alternated like gates on a giant slalom ski course.

        Yet house hunting by car might be a moot point anyway. Greenwich bans all for-sale signs, stuck in the lawn or otherwise.


        The median price of a home in Old Greenwich in late June, when 76 properties were on the market, was $2.2 million, according to the Greenwich MLXchange, a multiple listing service.

        For that price, buyers can typically pick up a 1950s colonial, with 3,500 square feet of space, in move-in condition, according to Rose Revel, a sales associate with William Raveis Real Estate in its Old Greenwich office.

        Occasionally, homes trade above $8 million, especially if they're newly built, with a dock, pool and 6,000 square feet of space, she added.

        The prices of these homes are comparable to next-door Riverside, which also has its own train station, but are about half those found in Belle Haven, a gated community with one-acre zoning to the west, brokers say.

        Those prices have also held steady in the last two years, while other markets softened, though this spring there has been a dip in prices of about 5 percent, Ms. Revel said. "But it's usually the overpriced houses that drop," she said, "especially if the seller is under duress and needs to sell."

        WHAT TO DO

        The 24-acre Binney Park, tucked on the western flank of Old Greenwich, has four tennis courts, a pair of band shells and ponds ringed by rhododendrons and hemlocks.

        The bigger jewel, though, is Greenwich Point Park, whose 147 acres sweep across about an eighth of the neighborhood. On the beach-lined spit, great egrets pick their way through sea grass while joggers pound paths.

        Since 2001, out-of-towners can use the park, after the State Supreme Court ruled in their favor to end a six-year legal battle. But they must pay $25 a day to do so, which is about what locals pay for the season. Only about 3,000 nonresidents took advantage last year -- a fraction of the 500,000 total park visitors -- possibly rebutting the argument that it would be inundated.

        "There was never the deluge that people expected," said Fred Walters, parks superintendent.


        In terms of test scores and reputation, the neighborhood's schools rank among the state's best.

        The Old Greenwich School, which teaches kindergarten through fifth grade in a stately two-story brick building close to the village, enrolled 413 students last year.

        On the 2007 Connecticut Mastery Test, 96 percent of fourth graders at the school met standards in math, while 90 percent did so in reading and 96 percent in writing. Statewide, those numbers were 81 percent in math, 71 percent in reading and 84 percent in writing.

        From there, students head to Eastern Middle School, in neighboring Riverside, for Grades 6 through 8. Eastern enrolled 726 students last year. On the mastery tests, 98 percent of eighth graders met standards in math, as 95 percent did in reading and 99 percent in writing; statewide, those numbers were 81 percent, 76 percent and 83 percent.

        Greenwich High School offers seven languages, including Mandarin Chinese, and more than three dozen varsity-level sports. Last year, it enrolled 2,712 students, and of the 667-student graduating class, 23 were National Merit Scholarship semifinalists and 43 others received letters of commendation.

        On last year's SAT's, the average scores were 564 in math, 558 in reading and 563 in writing, compared with statewide scores of 504 in math, 502 in reading and 503 in writing.


        Situated on Metro-North's New Haven line, Old Greenwich has weekday morning rush-hour trains from a red slope-roofed National Register structure about every 20 minutes; they take 53 to 72 minutes to arrive at Grand Central Terminal. Monthly passes cost $237 in person and $232.26 online.

        Near the station, there are 524 reserved parking spaces; permits cost $242 a year. There is a waiting list of 120 names, or a wait of about a year, said Allen Corry, the town's parking services director.


        When the railroad arrived in 1872, it gave the station in Greenwich Old Town, where European settlers came ashore in 1640, the name Sound Beach, to avoid confusion with the main Greenwich station down the line, according to Megan McWhorter, an administrator at Greenwich's historical society.

        That name stuck until 1931, when the railroad switched to Old Greenwich. The fire department, however, retains the name Sound Beach.

        Test - Greenwich Neighborhoods

        With BAs in both Economics and Computer Science from Trinity College and an MBA in Real Estate from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Scott has devoted his education to studies that give him a unique perspective to help today's homebuyer navigate an ever-changing, complicated market. Drawing from these experiences and a lifetime of living in Greenwich, CT, Scott has a unique ability to assist clients with the purchase and sale of residential real estate.

        Before joining Sotheby's, Scott spent 5 years in residential lending and 4 years in commercial portfolio management at Clarion Partners. While working at Clarion Partners, Scott was involved in the acquisition, disposition and management of over $12 billion of shopping center, office and hotel properties.

        Scott is a member of the Urban Land Institute, the Wisconsin Real Estate Alumni Association, Young Real Estate Professionals of New York and the NY Private Equity Network.

        Scott was born and raised in Greenwich, CT, attending Greenwich Country Day School for 12 years before going to high school at Tabor Academy. When not at work, Scott is a competitive sailor out of American Yacht Club and New York Yacht Club. Scott is involved in alumni and development activities through the University of Wisconsin-Madison's alumni network and Trinity College's Long Walk Society.

        His wife, Caroline, works as a teacher at Greenwich Academy and they have two daughters, Eliza and Christy.

        Greenwich CT Real Estate | September Transactions

        August 30 and September 5:

        • 64 Angelus Dr. -- The Estate of Marie Sclafani to Alexandra Klein and Steven Peterson, $575,000.
        • 4 Cat Rock Rd. -- Holly Lang to Kenneth and Mark Citron, $1,750,000.
        • 5 Chapel Lane -- Carl and Mary Pace to 8 Chapel Lane, LLC, $1,460,000 .
        • 9 Dingletown Rd. -- Michael and Wendy Hill to Cameron MacDougall and Daniel Wheale, $4,625,000.
        • 40 Field Point Circle -- John H. Emmons Jr., executor of the Estate of Muriel Selden Paris, to XL3, LLC, $24,000,000.
        • 12 Grimes Rd. -- Lillian Hendrickson to Martin and Anna Waters, $1,160,000.
        • 5 Idar Court Unit 1 -- PRE/Fieldcrest Idar, LLC to Naima Shea and Stephen Craig, $1,775,000.
        • 15 Irvine Rd. -- Anders and Annika Hebrand to Whitney Keyes, $3,305,000.
        • 531 East Putnam Ave. -- Capparelle Development Company, LLC to 531 East Putnam, LLC, $1,190,000.
        • 37 Fairway Lane -- Angela Anderson to Michael and Robin Colangelo, $1,065,000.
        • 1040 & 1052 King St. -- Janet Elsie Pecorin and Janet Elsie Pecorin as trustee to Halvard Kvaale, $1,375,000.
        • 1361 King St. -- Stephen and Kathleen Gamble to Peter Toal, $2,125,000.
        • 50 Lafayette Place #3G -- Kathleen and Matthew Callahan to Jeffrey Stewart, $417,496.62.
        • 16 Morgan Ave. -- Nancie and Mark Schwarzman to Althea Kessler, $850,000.
        • 59 Riverside Ave. -- Patricia Thrane to Alejandro Mendez and Alejandra Garcia, $1,670,000.
        • 122 Riverside Ave. -- Walter Chard Jr. to Elisabeth Jane Bothwell, $720,000.
        • 200 Sheephill Rd. -- Peter Allwark to 200 Sheephill Rd., LLC, $575,000.
        • 204 Sheephill Rd. -- Peter Allwark to 204 Sheephill Rd., LLC, $525,000.
        • 603 Steamboat Rd. Unit 2 -- Robert and Constance Norsworthy to Michael and Susan Keating, $1,100,000.
        • 603 Steamboat Rd. Unit 5 -- Walthall Family Revocable Trust to Jean Calhoun, $2,750,000.
        • 496 Valley Rd. -- Peter and Constance Lowenstein to Frederick Wesner, $1,441,000.
        • 52 Woodside Dr. -- Richard and Vilma Matteis to Stephen LaVersa, $1,650,000.

        September 6 and September 12:

        • 52 Bruce Prk. Dr. -- Pierre and Victoria Canu to Andrea Douglas, $1,270,000.
        • 133 Byram Shore Rd. -- Daniel Picard to James and Polly McTaggart, $1,950,000.
        • 105 Hamilton Ave. #7 -- Warren and Victoria Leibfried to Siri Hauge Jacobson, $955,000.
        • 78 Havemeyer Lane -- Nancy Souza to Mark and Suzanne Ranta, $650,000.
        • 19 Hidden Brook Rd. -- WAM Riverside, LLC to Theodore and Shari Seides, $5,500,000.
        • 25 Juniper Lane -- 25 Juniper Lane, LLC to David Bickham, $2,100,000.
        • 6 Lake Dr. -- Marco and Sofia Viola to Maria DeLourdes Ayala, $2,353,000.
        • 169 Mason St. Unit 2D -- Wendy Gayola to Ruth Anne Burns, $324,000.
        • 101 Maple Ave. -- David and Arlene Bernstein to Jose Ricardo Pero Silva Jr., $1,900,000.
        • 1 Old Church Rd. Unit 1 -- The Frances S. Ellenbogen Trust to Peter Apizzirri, $970,000.
        • 123 Pine St. Unit 1 -- Irene Reiss, trustee of the Irene E. Reiss Revocable Trust, $303,500.
        • 72 Putnam Prk. -- Eric and Jessica Esterkin to Robin Lescott, $542,000.
        • 168 Round Hill Rd. -- Charles and Karin Goldstuck to Nigel and Ashley Stanford, $15,000,000.
        • 18 Shore Acre Dr. -- Patrick and Eileen Grasso to David Weisz and Emmanuelle Briant, $2,070,000.
        • 41 West Putnam Ave. -- 41 West Putnam, LLC to Ive Putnam Properties, LLC, $10,950,000.
        • 31 West View Place -- Patricia Kerr to M. Neil and Roseann Rosen, $1,115,000.

        September 13 and September 19:

        • 15 Brook Crossway -- Ilona Mendicino to Mardee and Robert Zamora Jr., $406,500.
        • 22 Cary Rd. -- Hudson City Savings Bank to Mary Desmond, $685,000.
        • 8 Dearfield Lane -- The Estate of Patricia Ellsworth to 8 Dearfield, LLC, $1,400,000.
        • 12 Flagler Dr. -- Sergio and Eliane Kostek to Jerry and Ilene Schiff, $2,600,000.
        • 14 Grigg St. -- Baldridge Reading Skills Development Inc. to Archer Homes III, LLC, $1,300,000.
        • 15 A Hickory Dr. -- Lynn Fisher to Susan Kasedde, $625,000.
        • 4 Himes Lane -- Hunter Bateman to Dori and David Jones, $550,000.
        • 140 Indian Head Rd. -- Michael and Grace Wales to Lorraine Slavin, trustee, $11,900,000.
        • 191 Lake Ave. -- Marilyn Harris to Stephen and Alexandra Kavulich, $1,225,000.
        • 15 Lafayette Court Unit 6B and 6C -- Cardinal Towers, LLC to Ellen Braun, $1,190,000.
        • 6 Lockwood Dr. -- Douglas Adam and Pamela Peterson as trustees to Ella Homes Partners, LP, $1,350,000.
        • 26 North Water St. -- Judith Tattar to Joel and Christine Lutzker, $355,000.
        • 5 Old Round Hill Lane -- Richard and Karen Lytle to David and Kristen Anderson, $10,375,000.
        • 88 Orchard St. -- Philip and Elizabeth McIntyre to 88 Orchard Holdings, LLC, $1,558,333.
        • 15 Peters Rd. -- Clay and Eva Pecorin to Elsie Pecorin, $1,000,000.
        • 108 Putnam Prk. -- Virginia Putrino to Mena Liu, $359,000.
        • 9 River Rd. Unit 412 -- John and Betty Castellana to Shelley Kapitulile, $434,000.
        • 61 Shore Rd. -- Caroline McBride to Samuel and Laura Sullivan, $1,750,000.
        • 14 Sound Beach Ave. -- Barbara Clay to Matthew Martin and Christina Drossalcis, $530,000.
        • 83 Strickland Rd. Unit A -- Susan Supple to John and Anne Tabacco, $517,000.
        • 2 Wellington Place -- Rudolph Hroziencita to Mili Shum, $550,000.
        • 605 West Lyon Farm Dr. -- Edward Burden and Fredrick Childs as trustees to Erin Waterman, $1,469,075.
        • 59 Winthrop Dr. -- William Dunphy to Ioannis Karakadas, $1,600,000.

        September 20 and September 26:

        • 8 Clapboard Ridge Rd. -- Francine Bovich and Garitt Kono to Thomas and Dara Miles, $4,260,000.
        • 1465 East Putnam Ave. Unit 107 -- Marlene and Allen Wurzback Jr. to Dominick Romeo Jr., $279,500.
        • 193 Hamilton Ave. Unit #8 -- Astoria Federal Savings and Loan Associates to Edmund Burke, $555,000.
        • 37 Londonderry Dr. -- The Estate of Antoinette M. Nastro, David W. Stergas, executor, to 37 Londonderry LLC, $1,121,500.
        • 58 Richland Rd. -- James and David Mick to 58 Richland LLC, $580,000.
        • 27 Rockmere Ave. -- Jack Ramaley and Whitney Marciano to Robert Pepin and Mia Heuston, $632,250.
        • 47 Sachem Lane -- Shubhra and Gautam Ramchandani to Gary McDermott and Stephanie Wehlan, $1,040,000.
        • 25 West Elm St. Unit #56 -- Thea Hambright, co-executor of the Estate of Jane Anne Henson, to Stephen Scott Roth, $465,000.

        September 27 and Oct. 3:

        • 39 Birch Rd. -- Jennifer Dinard to John and Delores Evans, $1,477,500.
        • 47 Burdsall Dr. -- Joaquin and Elizabeth Marques and the ML Bloomenthal Committee to Peter Salomone, $414,000.
        • 4 Caroline Place -- Mary Townsend to Russell Smith, $435,000.
        • 4 Cedar Hill -- Craig and Amy Bibb to Christopher and Kimberly Johnson, $2,390,000.
        • 29 Davenport Ave. -- Perryridge Davenport LLC to John Margenot, $825,000.
        • 10A Fairfield Ave. -- Amy Andrews to Shermner Chan and Lydia Fan, $700,000.
        • 11 Garel Court -- Mary Basso to Joseph Carlucci, $325,000.
        • 21 Greenwich Hills Dr. Garage Unit 8 -- Catherine Vizzari and Jeffrey Tamucci, trustee of the Sadie Tamucci Trust, to James and Patricia Chapin-Buyley, $585,000.
        • 105 Hamilton Ave. Unit 15 -- Randee Day Gregos-Mourginakis to Herbert and Linda Morey, $1,065,000.
        • 124 Havemeyer Place -- John and Delores Evans to Brian Lippey, $2,195,000.
        • 131 Havemeyer Place -- George Crossman III to 131 Havemeyer Place LLC, $825,000.
        • 6 Hoover Rd. -- The Estate of Florence Ann Perna to Darren Mozdziak and Liliane DeSouza-Mozdziak, $600,000.
        • 28 Hume Place A1 -- Timothy and Cheryl Farrey to Ward Miller, $1,075,000.
        • 169 Mason St. Unit 1E -- Donald Kurtz to Cassandra Rizzo, $342,500.
        • 1 Milbank Ave. Unit 4A -- Robert and Ruth Lavina as trustees of the Lavina Family Trust to Elliott and Ruth Bier, $1,980,000.
        • 104 North Old Stone Bridge Rd. -- Douglas and Lynn Stevens to Brandon and Anne Young, $1,750,000.
        • 100 Northfield St. -- Greenwich Business Associates Commercial LLC to 100 Northfiled LLC, $8,375,000.
        • 83 Oneida Dr. -- C. Bradley and Llewellyn Muller to 78 Mayo Ave. LLC, $6,450,000.
        • 19 Palmer Place -- Iain Leigh to Alan Harris Jr., $3,022,500.
        • 1 Putnam Hill 3J -- Elia Zia and Rezan Grat to Andrea Peattie, $311,000.
        • 325 Shore Rd. -- 325 Shore Realty Corp. to Jonathan Lupo, $2,537,500.
        • 349 Shore Rd. -- James and Erin Waterman to Paul and Brooke Stahl, $3,330,000.
        • 101 South Water St. -- The Estate of Irene Strazza to Eric Maurer and Angela Macias, $470,000.
        • 17 Stuart Dr. -- The Estate of Marilyn Carlo to Ayelet Steinberg, $1,175,000.
        • 15 Sylvan Lane -- Anil and Femke Tewari to William and Yelena McRae, $2,650,000.
        • 15 Talbot Lane -- John Frank and Carmel Frank-O'Brien to Gloria Mackey, $480,000.
        • 205 Valley Rd. -- Richard Stewart to Konstantinos and Devan Katsigiannakis, $950,000.
        • 226 Valley Rd. -- Brandon and Anne Young, trustees of the 226 Valley Rd. Real Estate Trust, to Vicki K. Johnson, $975,000.
        • 38 Wescott St. -- D&C Wescott LLC to Charles Gavan, $750,000.
        • 35 West Brother Dr. -- Elliott-Ruth Bier to Francine Bovich, $2,950,000.
        • 67 Winding Lane -- Sheila and William Stein Jr. to Richard Papalian, $2,650,000.

        Greenwich CT Real Estate | August Transactions

        August 2 and August 8:

        • 59 Bedford Rd. -- Anthony Mazzola to Holly Singsen, $2,610,000 warranty deed.
        • 15 Bishop Dr. North -- Victoria Belluscio to Yin Chiu Lai and Yee Man Mickey Mok, $1,130,000 warranty deed.
        • 11 Byram Dock St. -- 11  Byram Dock, LLC to Jeffrey and Andrea Stewart, $2,595,000 warranty deed.
        • 21 Cary Rd. -- The Estate of Gretchen Stefanowicz to Van Dam, LLC, $425,000 warranty deed.
        • 20 Church St. Unit B63 -- Christopher and John Monsif to Charline Dale, $515,000 warranty deed.
        • 39 Edgewater Dr. -- Robert DiPaola, conservator of the Estate of Eugene DiPaola to Robert and Tara Fischetti, $876,000 warranty deed.
        • 57 Gregory Rd. (undivided 50% interest) -- Laurie and Bruce Smith as co-trustees of the Lois Smith Revocable Trust to 57 Gregory Rd., LLC, $452,500 warranty deed.
        • 57 Gregory Rd. (undivided 50% interest) -- Laurie Smith as trustee of the Duryea Smith Revocable Trust to 57 Gregory Rd., LLC, $452,500 warranty deed.
        • 39 Halock Dr. -- Jeffrey Hahn to Catherine Bato, $1,259,500 warranty deed.
        • 2 Horseshoe Rd. -- Lisa Corvese, trustee of the Lisa Corvese 2007 Declaration of Trust to Gualberto Antonio Hernandez, $1,275,000 warranty deed.
        • 328 Lake Ave. -- Frederick and Colette Alderson to Mark LeLievre, $3,000,000 warranty deed.
        • 28 Leeward Ln. -- Thomas Shull and Fayez and Mira Muhtadie, $3,495,000 warranty deed.
        • 20 Limerick Place -- Susan Lewis to Brian and Kristin Anton, $1,630,000 warranty deed.
        • 6 Loading Rock Rd. -- John and Stephanie Packard to Charles and Maureen Bittman, $2,400,000 warranty deed.
        • 7 Loughlin Ave. -- Alvin and Nina Estevez to David Kahng, $1,200,000 warranty deed.
        • 12 Meadowcroft Ln. -- 12 Meadowcroft Ln., LLC to ZaZu, LLC, $9,850,000 warranty deed.
        • 191 North St. -- The Estate of Val E. Fioreta, Melinda Fiorita, executor, to Denis Mathews and Charlie Wong, $1,600,000 warranty deed.
        • 11 Owenoke Way -- Amy Blake to James and Kelly Ann Easen, $3,350,000 warranty deed.
        • 68 Park Ave. South -- Henry and Megan Ormond and Frank and Michelle Luksic, $2,765,000 warranty deed.
        • 15 Pell Place -- Bradley Small to Derek and Melissa DeVries, $1,780,000 warranty deed.
        • 351 Pemberwick Rd. -- Mark Ranta and Suzanne Dommerich to Trishia Cimbak, $339,000 warranty deed.
        • 1 Putnam Hill Apt. 3E -- Daniel and Elaine Kwilliher-Morton and Nicholas and Dolores Papajohn, $445,000 warranty deed.
        • 2 Putnam Hill Unit 1J -- Mildred Ettlinger to Douglas Fainelli, trustee, $300,000 warranty deed.
        • 500 River Rd. Unit 1 -- Virginia Liddel to Ann and William Dynan, $743,500 warranty deed.
        • 558 Round Hill Rd. -- Shorthorn Corporation to Peter and Cheryl Tague, $3,500,000 warranty deed.
        • 558 Round Hill Rd. Lot 31-H 0.900 acres -- The Estate of A.L. Ueltschi to Shorthorn Corporation, $50,000 warranty deed.
        • 22 Shadybrook Ln. -- Andre and Sonja Bloom to Jopi Huang, $1,675,000 warranty deed.
        • 1 Sparrow Ln. -- Simon and Monica Williams to Frank and Holly Harty, $3,995,000 warranty deed.
        • 22 Stanwich Ln. -- Peter and Grace Abbott to Kin Kong Chan and Hoi Yin Lai, $1,550,000 warranty deed.
        • 24 Terrace Ave. -- Roy Piskadlo and Ellen Tolstad to Francisco Tobias, $2,390,000 warranty deed.
        • 22 Welwyn Rd. -- Margaret and Thomas McQuillan to 22 Welwyn Rd., LLC, $2,375,000 warranty deed.
        • 515 West Lyon Farm Rd. -- Gene and Jan Rostov, trustees of the Dorothy B. Restov Qualified Personal Trust, to Peter and Constance Lowenstein, $1,600,000 warranty deed.
        • 33 West Putnam Ave. Unit 1B -- The Estate of Theodore Wolff to Nancy Sheehan DeLopez, $615,000 warranty deed.
        • 777 West Putnam Ave. -- Gateway Park Associates, LLC to 777 West Putnam Ave., LLC, $38,583,000 warranty deed.

        Screen Shot 2012-01-13 at 4.46.39 PMAugust 9 and August 15:

        • 58 Bowman Dr. -- Kay Tiong and Helen Oen to Andrew and Jennifer Gatherer, $950,000.
        • 26 Buxton Landing -- Robert Gee to Harriet and Christopher Parker Jr., $1,045,000.
        • 36 Byram Shore Rd. -- Judith Catalano to Mary Anne and Philip Catalano Jr., $750,000.
        • 12 Chieftans Rd. -- Daryl and Lauren Sims to Alan Finkelstein and Stephanie Feldman, $2,650,000.
        • 106 East Elm St. -- John Antonaccio to John Antonaccio as trustee, $646,422.23.
        • 106 East Elm St. -- Carol Antonaccio to John Antonaccio as trustee, $646,422.23.
        • 10 Edgewood Dr. Unit 1A -- Kristine Dockerly to Gustavo and Maria Ferraro, $2,400,000.
        • 465 Field Point Rd. -- Ann Sweeney to 465 Field Point Realty, LLC, $2,500,000.
        • 54 Havemeyer Ln. -- Christopher and Jennifer Pignataro to Isaac Barrocas and Beth Richman, $1,210,000.
        • 48 Hawthorne St. North -- James Andrew Lee and Gretchen Crist Lee as trustees of the Lee Family Trust to Steven Napier and Tasmini Mocke, $800,000.
        • 50 Hidden Brook Rd. -- Joshua and Andrea Woodruff to Craig and Karin Picket, $2,435,000.
        • 55 Londonderry Ave. -- Alan Scott Bradin as executor to 55 Lockwood Ave., LLC, $1,275,000.
        • 11 Londonderry Dr. -- Thomas and Dara Miles to Yale Levin, $1,300,000.
        • 98 Lower Cross Rd. -- Sarah McKenna to Jonathan Geller, $2,050,000.
        • 20 Maplewood Dr. -- Linda Coletti and Patricia Ln. to Global Real Estate USA, Inc., $855,000.
        • 36 Meyer Place -- Mollie Vernon and Catherine Otto to Ali Rahimtula and Nicole Anderson, $800,000.
        • 21 Mountain Wood Dr. -- Sandra Berris to Jonas Grossman and Cari Hamlet, $2,800,000.
        • 74 Old Orchard Rd. -- Samuel and Gabriela Villegas to Lawrence Tanenbaum, $2,200,000.
        • 11 Partridge Hollow Rd. -- Karen Keegan to Carl and Merritt Schlanger, $1,600,000.
        • 69 Riverdale Ave. #504 -- Riverstone TC, LLC to Joan Stone, $749,000.
        • 584 Riversville Rd. -- The Estate of Raymond W. Zrike and The Testament Trust Under the Last Will and Testament of Jean Z. Zrike to Ryan Bassett, $1,375,000.
        • 23 Shore Acre Dr. -- Susan Ellis to Carlos Galindo del Rio and Maria Aspillaga, $1,562,500.
        • 16 Split Timber Place -- Laurelle Bittman-Macreeu and Charles Bittman to Melissa Perrucci, $1,325,000.
        • 313 Stanwich Rd. -- Laura and John McCloy II to James and Ann Lansing, $3,255,000.
        • 320 Valley Rd. -- RMS Valley, LLC to Larry and Cecilia Bailey, $1,725,000.
        • 29 Arnold St. -- Christopher Tice and Alyssa DeSimons to Marc and Lori Albert, $1,025,000.
        • 28 Brynwood Ln. -- Ulster Savings Bank to Mechelle and David Moran, $2,050,000.
        • 40 Coach Lamp Ln. -- Sharon English and James Belluscio as individuals and as trustees to Mark Lu and Sharon Lynn, $955,000.
        • 66 Glenwood Dr. -- C. Bradford Barber and BNY Melissa N.A. as executors and as trustees to 66 Glenwood Dr., LLC, $5,100,000.
        • 2 Griffith Rd. -- Kristen and Frank Ingarra Jr. to Joshua and Michelle Vogelhut, $1,225,000.
        • 25 Havemeyer Ln. -- One West Bank FSB to Marina Girshin, $481,180.
        • 7 Hendrie Dr. -- Roland and Janet Klingner to James and Ann Leahy, $2,200,000.
        • 11 Lafayette Court #5C and Garage #91 -- Byron A. Allen III to Mary and David Iles, $510,000.
        • 4 Linwood Ave. -- Suzanne McCue to Sandra McCue, $805,000.
        • 49 Lockwood Ln. -- Joseph and Angela Socci to Guillermo Gomez, $1,291,000.
        • 15 Old Kings Highway -- 15 Old Kings Highway, LLC to Gregory Riche and Vanessa LeCorps, $816,000.
        • 239 Palmer Hill Rd. -- William and Ann Dynan to Hani Jamjoom and Rusha Alyafi, $1,175,000.
        • 75 Sheephill Rd. -- Michael and Eileen Kiraly to Hermann Lai, $825,000.
        • 91 Valleywood Rd. -- Fredric and Nicole Cranberg Crosby to Karen Karuse, $1,700,000.
        • 25 West Elm St. Unit 16 -- Marilyn DiGiorlamo to Robert Robins, $589,000.
        • 111 West Lyon Farm Dr. -- Mariette Walker Ladd and Delano W. Ladd Jr. as trustees of the Mariette Walker Ladd Revocable Trust and the Delano W. Ladd Jr. Revocable Trust to James and Gabriale Tai, $700,000.
        • 10 Whiffletree Way Silo Hill Condominiums Unit 12 -- Robert and Elise Elliott to Nancy Strohmeier, $735,000.

        August 16 and August 22:

        • 29 Arnold St. -- Christopher Tice and Alyssa DeSimons to Marc and Lori Albert, $1,025,000.
        • 28 Brynwood Ln. -- Ulster Savings Bank to Mechelle and David Moran, $2,050,000.
        • 40 Coach Lamp Ln. -- Sharon English and James Belluscio as individuals and as trustees to Mark Lu and Sharon Lynn, $955,000.
        • 66 Glenwood Dr. -- C. Bradford Barber and BNY Melissa N.A. as executors and as trustees to 66 Glenwood Dr., LLC, $5,100,000.
        • 2 Griffith Rd. -- Kristen and Frank Ingarra Jr. to Joshua and Michelle Vogelhut, $1,225,000.
        • 25 Havemeyer Ln. -- One West Bank FSB to Marina Girshin, $481,180.
        • 7 Hendrie Dr. -- Roland and Janet Klingner to James and Ann Leahy, $2,200,000.
        • 11 Lafayette Court #5C and Garage #91 -- Byron A. Allen III to Mary and David Iles, $510,000.
        • 4 Linwood Ave. -- Suzanne McCue to Sandra McCue, $805,000.
        • 49 Lockwood Ln. -- Joseph and Angela Socci to Guillermo Gomez, $1,291,000.
        • 15 Old Kings Highway -- 15 Old Kings Highway, LLC to Gregory Riche and Vanessa LeCorps, $816,000.
        • 239 Palmer Hill Rd. -- William and Ann Dynan to Hani Jamjoom and Rusha Alyafi, $1,175,000.
        • 75 Sheephill Rd. -- Michael and Eileen Kiraly to Hermann Lai, $825,000.
        • 91 Valleywood Rd. -- Fredric and Nicole Cranberg Crosby to Karen Karuse, $1,700,000.
        • 25 West Elm St. Unit 16 -- Marilyn DiGiorlamo to Robert Robins, $589,000.
        • 111 West Lyon Farm Dr. -- Mariette Walker Ladd and Delano W. Ladd Jr. as trustees of the Mariette Walker Ladd Revocable Trust and the Delano W. Ladd Jr. Revocable Trust to James and Gabriale Tai, $700,000.
        • 10 Whiffletree Way Silo Hill Condominiums Unit 12 -- Robert and Elise Elliott to Nancy Strohmeier, $735,000.

        August 23 and August 29:

        • 5 1/2 Benders Ln. -- Deborah Higgins to Lee Handelman and Kathleen Reardon, $805,000.
        • 33 Boulder Brook Rd. -- Eric and Tracey Johnston to Robert and Sarah Russo, $5,050,000.
        • 10 Boyd Ln. -- Josef and Ilanna Schwalbe to Nina Restieri, $2,112,500.
        • 5 Butler St. -- Mary Ellen and Anthony Bucci Jr. to 5 Butler St., LLC, $842,100.
        • Lot 73 Chestnut St. -- Charlene and Jesse Shultis Jr. to Thomas and Barbara Murphy, $12,000.
        • 8 Dempsey Ln. -- Jennifer Lipschultz to Iain Leigh, $7,375,000.
        • 93 East Elm St. -- The Estate of Wilhelmina Hooymans Mulcahy Kleppinger to Two Elms, LLC, $1,950,000.
        • 40 Ettl Ln. #19 -- Lorenne Marden to Kumi Takano, $780,000.
        • 13 Field Rd. -- Edward Kalpa to 13 Field Rd., LLC, $700,000.
        • 7 Park Ave. -- Helene Rovito to Marilyn Tanner, $1,500,000.
        • 183 Putnam Park -- Joan Binkerd to Piera Laurino, $415,000.
        • 2 Revere Rd. -- Gail Friesen to Xi Chen and Wenli Guo, $1,250,000.
        • 17 Rex St. -- Andrew and Jennifer Gatherer to Adam and Kathleen Hanley, $640,000.
        • 9 Shore Acre Dr. -- Adrian Duffy and Aoife Miller to Adam and Kelly Vos, $3,051,880.
        • 82 Silo Circle -- Marcelle Fuller to Jesse Tron, $607,500.
        • 169 Stanwich Rd. -- Sally and Gordon MacKenzie Jr. to Howard and Janel Alexander, $1,675,000.
        • 24 Sunset Rd. -- Nina Restieri to Peter and Janet McGuigan, $3,137,500.
        • 33 West Putnam Ave. #2B -- The Estate of Salli Reid Gorrick to Philip McKnight, $617,500.

        Greenwich CT Real Estate | July Transactions

        July 5 and July 18:

        • 39 Angus Ln. -- Anthony and Edith Sax to Jonathan and Sophia Brosterman, $1,325,000.
        • 6 Birdsong Pl. -- Satoru Ohki to Lie Gu, $1,150,00.
        • 34 Bruce Park Ave. -- The Connecticut Community Bank to 34 Bruce Park Ave., LLC, $2,925,000.
        • 81 Byram Shore Rd. -- Elisabeth Muhr to 81 Byram Shore Rd., LLC, $3,333,000.
        • 115 Byram Shore Dr. -- Steven Anderson and Katherine Cole Anderson as trustee to Mark and Rosita Fichtel, $2,287,000.
        • 22 Cherry Tree Ln. -- Christopher and Eugenie Pavelic to James and Shannon Sawyer, $5,000,000.
        • 20 Church St. Unit 32 A -- The Estate of Francois Michel Messud and the Estate of Margaret Messud to Shelly Garg and Prasanth Nair, $455,000.
        • 26 Church St. West Unit B -- Dona Carlin to Kiran Singh and Anthony Carino, $735,000.
        • 89 Clapboard Ridge Rd. -- Joan MacSwan executor of the Last Will and Testament of Bessie Balluu, $3,450,000.
        • 124 Clapboard Ridge Rd. -- Frank J. Gilbride II as trustee to Adam Theodore Garner, $3,647,000.
        • 45 Close Rd. -- Tom S. Ward as trustee of the 45 Close Rd. Nominee Real Estate Trust to Kevin Buehler and Elisa Savetamal, $4,166,000.
        • 1 Coachlamp Ln. -- Michael and Luiza O'Sullivan to Liane Tell, $1,285,000.
        • 75 Cos Cob Ave. Unit 2 -- Hamid Asgari to Ariandni Karla to Sansnykuinar Shah, $417,500.
        • 75 Cos Cob Ave. Unit 17 -- Marcelo Aspesi to Melissa Hamm, $500,000.
        • 8 Dartmouth Rd. -- David and Catherine Rohrman to Bradley and Dana Gordon, $1,525,000.
        • 140 Field Point Rd. Unit 5 -- Samuel Sullivan to Demitris and Janet Delos and Dino Demetkrakopoulos, $532,500.
        • 51 Forest Ave. Unit #36 -- Patricia Anderson to Tony Tang to Xin Zhou, $925,000.
        • 39 Hidden Brook Rd. -- Fayez and Mira Muhtadie to Culford Zeltweg, LLC, $2,925,000.
        • 73 Hillcrest Park Rd. -- Terrence and Jan Martin to Christopher and Eugenie Pavelic, $1,770,000.
        • 47 Lafayette Pl. Unit 1-I -- Isabella Butkiewicz as trustee to Rami and Kawsar Monsin, $525,000.
        • 34 Lockwood Ln. -- Pete and Victor Krochta to Lucy Guillet-Boyden, $658,000.
        • 65 Lockwood Ln. -- George and Susan Cain to Robert and Julie Bordier, $1,680,000.
        • 14 Maplewood Rd. -- Xing Zhou and Wenjin Oiu to Philip Tarantino, $860,000.
        • 24 Martin Dale North -- 24 Martin Dale North, LLC to 24 Martin Dale, LLC, $1,700,000.
        • 268 Milbank Ave. -- Amy and Michelle Pellegrino to 268 Milbank Ave., LLC, $1,600,000.
        • 303 Milbank Ave. -- 303 Milbank Ave., LLC to 303 Greenwich Milbank, LLC, $2,000,000.
        • 40 Mooreland Rd. -- JoAnn Freeman Adams to Deanna Mulligan, $2,980,000.
        • 487 North St. -- Alf Aanonsen to Amr Zahid and Annette Zahid, $5,100,000.
        • 27 Oakley Ln. -- James Robertson Jr., executor of the Estate of Peter W. Kontes to Bailey 411 Holdings, LLC, $7,100,000.
        • 114 Overlook Dr. -- Yung and Mei Huang to Karl and Elaine Spangenberg, $1,647,000.
        • 14 Perryridge Rd. -- John Dasher and Maryanne McNeill to James and Maria Wilson, $1,715,000.
        • 1 Putnam Court -- The Estate of Loreta Sullws to 1 Putnam Court, LLC, $615,000.
        • 175 Putnam Park -- Thomas F. Keaveney, trustee of the Thomas F. Keavney Trust to Jose Manuel Rodriguez-Novas and Margarita Catala Alcaniz, $307,500.
        • 6 Raymond St. -- Matthew Schimenti to Michael and Sandra Caruso, $3,170,000.
        • The River Club Inc. B-7 -- The River Club Inc. to One River Rd., LLC, $50,000.
        • 69 Riverdale Ave. Unit 501 -- Riverstone TC, LLC to Vincenza Roppo and Anna Cerra, $769,000.
        • 69 Riverdale Ave. Unit 502 -- Riverstone TC, LLC to Michael and Sofia Flynn, $705,000.
        • 69 Riverdale Ave. Unit 505 -- Riverstone TC, LLC to Giri Vaidyanathan, $735,000.
        • 85 Sherwood Pl. Unit E -- Stephen Kane to George Bicher, $1,670,000.
        • 48 Sinawoy Rd. -- Nancy Wickware to David Portugal, $769,000.
        • 62 Sterling Rd. -- Sterling Realty, LLC to Richard and Mari Nuzum, $3,850,000.
        • 291 Stanwich Rd. Parcel A on Map No. 8658 -- 291 Stanwich Rd., LLC to Stanwich Rd., LLC, $1,800,000.
        • 53 Stirrup Ln. -- William and Janice Miles to Paige Windle, $750,000.
        • 63 Sound Beach Ave. Extension -- Janet Johnson to Gang Yu and Fang Fang Pu, $490,000.
        • 20 Stoney Ridge Ln. -- Mark Anderson and Susan Monagle to Alexander Todorovic and Sophia Paleologou, $2,650,000.
        • 103 Summit Rd. -- Gregory and Anne Islan to Patricia and Tobias Lewis, $1,795,000.
        • 24 Sundance Dr. -- Joan Suter and Julie and Brendan Shattuck, $1,470,000.
        • 20 Sunshine Ave. -- The Estate of Mary DeLuca to Wahwah Thein, $362,500.
        • 20 Sunshine Ave. -- The Joseph DeLuca Trust to Wahwah Thein, $362,500.
        • 120 Valley Rd. -- Justin and Monica Aranson Vann to Carter Brooke, $2,070,000.
        • 7 Verona Dr. -- Yong J. Song and Young W. Song to Michael and Jamie Walker, $2,125,000.
        • 27 Vineyard Ln. -- LDN Real Estate Holdings, LLC to SPC, LLC, $1,800,000.
        • 11 Watch Hill Dr. -- Cesar Rabellino and Daniella Mini to Rafaelo Colombo and Mirella Cardeso Porto, $1,250,000.
        • 73 Weaver St. Unit 13 -- Stanley and Frances Berger to Daniel Chung and Sharon Winters, $885,000.
        • 40 West Elm St. #2B -- Kokkinos Athanasios to Young and Youngja Song, $675,000.
        • 108 West Lyon Farm -- Charles Block to John Coppinger Jr., $754,000.
        • 14 Widgeon Way -- Judit Erdy to Steven Anderson, $1,000,000.
        • 16 Willow Rd. -- Andrew and Kristin Taylor to Vladimiro and Maria Bunge, $2,760,000.


        July 19 and July 25:

        • 2 Ashton Dr. -- Thomas and Melinda Hassen to Jasmine Burgess, $322,000.
        • 11 Bayside Terrace -- Bayside Terrace, LLC to Ronald Teng, $2,020,000.
        • 111 Brookside Dr. -- Tom Javits and Patricia Farrell to Christopher Parker, $3,600,000.
        • 14 Cos Cob Ave. -- Petrone Family Realty, LLC, $600,000.
        • 1465 East Putnam Ave. #324 -- Scott Reilley to Anne Gannon and Scott McKenna, $346,000.
        • 1545 East Putnam Ave. -- ECB REM, LLC to 1545 EPA, LLC, $990,000.
        • 32 Grahampton Ln. -- The Estate of Jean Makepeace to Sean and Kathy Gallary, $3,050,000.
        • 104 Havemeyer Ln. -- Stella Miazga to Yuunning Xu, $550,000.
        • 20 Hawthorne St. South -- Beverly Shockley and Virginia Quatrone as executors to Judson Van Ingen, $595,000.
        • 44 Hendrie Ave. -- St. Paul's Episcopal Society to Wei Xu, $1,117,000.
        • 23 Hoover Rd. -- Mauricio and Begona Benavides to Kenneth and Jessica Oen, $690,000.
        • Indian Dr. (Rd.) -- Richard Steele Shepherd to Indian Dr. Associates, LLC, $2,500.
        • Indian Dr. (Rd.) -- Maude Eleanor Robinson to Indian Dr. Associates, LLC, $2,500.
        • Indian Dr. (Rd.) -- Jewish Community Center, Incorporated to Indian Dr. Associates, LLC, $2,500.
        • 26 Kirby St. -- Terry and Emma Tattar to Thomas Beasley, $537,000.
        • 127 Lake Ave. -- Richard and Janice Kaplan to Patricia Suarez, $848,250.
        • 958 Lake Ave. -- Marie Kodsy to Hari Srinivasan and Lakshmipriya Easwaran, $1,725,000.
        • 25 Maher Ave. -- Paige and Jesse Sammis IV  to Joshua and Heather Benn, $4,137,500.
        • 169 Mason St. Unit 2E -- Rose Suarez to Jasmine Burgess, $322,000.
        • 20 Midbrook Ln. -- Leslie Perry to Jeanne Balczewski, $975,000.
        • 2 Midwood Dr. -- Peter Pendias and Pamela Pendias as executors of the Estate of Cleopatra Pendias to MDCT, LLC, $1,700,000.
        • 24 Midwood Dr. -- Peter Pendias and Pamela Pendias as executors of the Estate of Cleopatra Pendias to MDCT, LLC, $1,000,000.
        • 17 Old Wagon Rd. -- Itay Feldman and Sarah McGill to Dor Sela and Niv Lidal, $1,950,000.
        • 500 River Rd. -- Elaine Moore to Jonathan Ryckman, $950,000.
        • 58 Riverside Ave. -- Michael Van Patten to Jakobi, Peter and Birgit Satir, $705,000.
        • 226 Riverside Ave. -- Tara Sweeney to QIC, LLC, $853,000.
        • 26 Stag Ln. -- Penny Mac Corporation to Roy and Christine Saudtfest, $2,600,000.
        • 528 West Lyon Farm Dr. -- Margaret Young to Cynthia Powell, $725,000.
        • 21 Weston Hill Rd. -- Mark and Joan Hall to Ralph and Jarbeena Layman, $1,505,000.
        • 175 Zaccheus Mead Ln. -- Carolyn Murphy to Lisa Fischer, $4,730,000.

        Greenwich CT Condos

        July 26 and Aug. 1:

        • 44 Angus Ln. -- Lawrence and Katie Tzou to Evan Sacks and Ellen Gold, $1,350,000.
        • 4 Bennett St. -- David and Linda Kerr to Mark and Joan Hall, $2,200,000.
        • 230 Bedford Rd. -- Stephen and Colleen Hines to Jay and Melissa Rose, $2,787,894.
        • 37 Brookside Dr. -- Clayton Associates, LLC to Brookside Investment, LLC, $1,590,000.
        • 16 Cat Rock Rd. -- Siu Fung Wong to Thomas Mich and Shannon Maher, $805,000.
        • 45 Cedar Cliffe Rd. -- Robert and Tara Fischetti to Thomas and Margaret McQuillan, $3,850,000.
        • 28 Druid Ln. -- Douglas and Lori Zyach as trustees to Gonzalo Isaac and Nicole Galofre, $3,100,000.
        • 107 East Elm St. -- Hudson City Savings Bank to Barbara Ashe, $590,000.
        • 1171 East Putnam Ave. #1E -- Michael and Eileen Hogan to Xu Dr, $440,000.
        • 10 Edgewater Dr. -- David and Jennifer Thompson to Andreas and Lisa Messis, $1,625,000.
        • 39 Greenwich Hills Dr. -- Charles Seidler Jr. to Suzanne Weiser, $650,000.
        • 64 Hawthorne Rd. -- Clark-Hawthorne, LLC to Hawthorne Weaver Investors, LLC, $1,001,000.
        • 16 Heronvue Rd. -- Jeffrey and Mary Stewart to Quinn and Graham Veysey, $930,000.
        • 31 High St. -- Paul and Brian Guzinski to Richard Wolff, $415,000.
        • 49 Lake Ave. Unit C1 -- Alexis Finlay to One C, LLC, $760,000.
        • 12 Linwood Ave. -- The Estate of Elizabeth Braley Pyle to Jonathan and Krystyn Martin, $756,000.
        • 44 Lockwood Ln. -- Gail Taar as executrix of the Estate of Ernest Taar to Hong Cheng and Chunguang Zhao, $550,000.
        • 44 Lockwood Ln. -- Carol Frey to Hong Cheng and Chunguang Zhao, $275,000.
        • 44 Lockwood Ln. -- Gail Taar to Hong Cheng and Chunguang Zhao, $275,000.
        • 11 MacArthur Dr. -- James and Katja Donovan to Qianqian Zhong to Kok Sum Leung, $930,000.
        • 3 MacPherson Dr. -- David and Melissa Filippone to Lorraine Slavin, trustee, $5,600,000.
        • 21 Mackenzie Glen -- Klara Nagym to Brian Lamb and Richard Camaelie, $2,900,000.
        • 4 Maher Court -- John Robert Franke to 6 Maher Ave. Holdings, LLC, $3,317,500.
        • 1 Midbrook Ln. -- Sue Zauke, trustee of both the Max D. Zauke and Sue H. Zauke Revocable Trusts to Arnold Schrea and Ann-Caroline Van Der Ham, $900,000.
        • 19 Miltiades Ave. -- Thomas Mendes and Amy Andrew, $1,141,400.
        • 36 Montgomery Ln. -- ES Ventures One, LLC to John Cunningham, $2,825,000.
        • 30 Nicholas Ave. -- Michael and May Ann O'Connor to William and Meghann Salosy, $540,000.
        • 63 North St. -- Gloria Chambers to Leon and Jean Weil, $2,995,000.
        • 98 Putnam Park -- Katherine and Alexander Sokoloff to Maria Santangelo, $610,000.
        • 1465 Putnam Ave. -- Charles Putnam, trustee of the Mary Dermody Trust to Yengy Yin and Wengi Mau, $290,000.
        • 557 Round Hill Rd. -- Camille Knoll to Robert Graff Merrick III and Patricia Sullivan, $3,275,000.
        • 14 Sandy Dr. -- Eileen Varacchi to Neil and Eileen Stern, $1,842,000.
        • 18 Schubert Ln. -- Fabian Sy and Andrey Liu to Robert and Elizabeth Peyton, $1,050,000.
        • 187 Shore Rd. -- Mary Heist to Christine DiModica, $2,937,500.
        • 205 Shore Rd. -- David Springsteen as trustee to Owen Davies and Laura Somerville, $1,500,000.
        • 77 Silo Circle -- Theodore Spool, trustee of the Theodore Spool Trust to Yanxia Rong and Shen Ren, $627,000.
        • 57 Stirrup Ln. -- Ronald Harris to Carl and Mary Pace, $775,000.
        • 49 Summit Rd. -- Peter and Dorothy Morgantin to Andrew Taylor, $1,100,000.
        • 18 Welwyn Rd. -- Diederik Werdmolder and Linda Werdmolder Granfield to Benjamin and Sonia Jones, $2,309,250.
        • 12 Wesskum Rd. -- Robyn Helmer to Curtis Krause and Julia Galotto, $2,150,000.
        • 5 West End Ave. -- Paul Wood and Flavie Lemarchand to Andy and Alyssa Barr, $960,000.
        • 12 Wyckham Hill Ln. -- John and Laura Cunningham to Jeffrey Jonas, $2,350,000.