First Congregational Church Of Greenwich

THING 63 - Handel's Messiah at the First Congregational Church of Greenwich

It's approaching 1am and I'm going through my list of things you could possibly do today (Sunday December 19th) and I found this.  I'm not the biggest history (or religion for that matter) buff, but I believe that Handel's Messiah consists of some famous Christian Christmas (redundant?) work, right?  For those of you that are interested, have a great time. For the others, I'll see what else is going on when I re-awake tomorrow.

THING 112 - Tai Chi @ The First Congregational Church of Greenwich

Luis Duarte hosts Tai Chi classes at First Congregational Church of Greenwich on Weds at 8am and Thursdays at 9am. For those of you who don't know where the Church is, its at 191 Sound Beach Avenue in Old Greenwich.Ok, I just spent the last 20 minutes looking through different Greenwich websites to figure out what I could post as the next thing to do in Greenwich when I came upon this. I know nothing of Tai Chi and even less of Luis Duarte, but this class is costs only $7 per session (if you pay monthly) and $8 per session if you pay when you come. For that cost I figured it might be worth experimenting. Having looked into all sorts of work-out classes and events spending $7 is a steal.


  1. Luis Duarte on

    Thank you Scott for posting the information about the tai chi classes. For more information about tai chi and about me please visit my I also host tai chi classes at the Greenwich Arts Council on Mondays at 9:00 am. Tai Chi is a mind, body and Spirit Exercise and it will benefit anybody at any age. Thanks