St Claire

INTERESTING TRADES - 5 St Claire SOLD @ $1.275m - Great buy

5 St Claire sold for $1.275m

It says something about a house and neighborhood when a home hasn't traded for over 50 years.  I'm a big fan of buying homes that have been owned for ages.  Why would a family stay somewhere they didn't like? Why would a family stay in a building that had problems - or how could they afford to do so.This was a great buy. Yes, the house needed some updating, but for those of you who are willing to re-do a kitchen and a couple bathrooms you can make out with a great home.Many buyers couldn't see past the ramp and kitchen of this home.  Both of those can be fixed fairly easily.  I congratulate the new buyers for making a great Holiday purchase.  For $1.275m they got a wonderful home with nearly 1/3 an acre on an extremely quiet/private street south of the Old Greenwich town. Great buy.