WELCOME to Greenwich BOOK

Here is the Moffly Media "Welcome to Greenwich" book. Has a lot of great information. 

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Fairfield County Map

Greenwich is located right between Westchester County and Stamford, CT. Fairfield county is home to some of the best real estate in the country...

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Westchester County Map

Westchester County borders Fairfield County and Greenwich, CT as its western neighbor. Since a large portion of the Greenwich residents commute into the city, it's important to be aware of this relationship between the two counties...

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Here is a list of great restaurants to check out in the Greenwich, CT area. You can find anything from fast food to gourmet including Italian, Indian, and French style restaurants...

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Due to the large number of shopping opportunities in the area, I have compiled a list of stores on Greenwich Avenue along with links to their websites...

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Daycare & Nursery School

There are many options for daycare and nursery schools in Greenwich, CT. View this list to learn more about your options...

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Home Assessments

Home Assessments in Greenwich have always been a point of contention. Regardless of where you live always keep in mind that the assessment that the town has placed on your house is one person's view at a certain point of time without going inside...

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Summer Camps in Greenwich

If you're looking for summer camps in the Greenwich, CT area, here is a great list of resources...

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Greenwich Map

Greenwich, CT includes five main streets stretching from the south to north. View this map to learn more about the area...

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Sailing at Tod's Point

Greenwich Community Sailing at Tod's Point is a great place to learn about sailing whether you're a kid or an adult. There are a variety of options for different skill levels...

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