Julien Jarry

THING 200 - Hurricane Irene

Get your surfboards ready! No, I'm just kidding..Hurricane Irene is on her way up the coast and Greenwich will feel her with tropical storm-like conditions on Sunday (8/28).  NOAA has the details on the storm.Irene is expected to be miles off the coast of Long Island, but could stray west closer to us.  On Sunday, strong east winds in the early morning will produce wind waves in the Western Long Island Sound (Greenwich).Everyone be safe and prepare for Irene.Visit Accuweather for up to date Irene info.

THING 197 - Greenwich Islands

[gallery]Get out to the Islands of Greenwich before winter gets here. Boat-less? Island hopping ferries run until mid September. Check out this awesome ferry schedule! It will show you when the Island Beach and Great Captain Island ferries run. Like Todd's Point, park passes are required until October 31 and guest passes are also available. The Islands of Greenwich are a great place to enjoy the weekend days with friends and family by being on the water but actually on land. You can kayak to the Islands and the under water topography near them makes for great fishing. The Islands have an amazing history of farms, a casino, and annual beach day. The town used to invite ventriloquists and other performers to Island Beach (aka Little Captain Island) for a yearly town party. The ferries are comfortable and they're a great way to experience our coastline. 

THING 196 - Laddin's Rock

I bet not everyone knows that there is a 60-foot sheer cliff in the heart of Old Greenwich. It's called Laddin's Rock and is set inside an 18 acre sanctuary on High Meadow Road off Laddin's Rock Road not too far from the Perrot Memorial Library. This rock face was heavily climbed in the 1960's and has been rediscovered by at least three generations of climbers since. A very interesting history of Laddin's Rock can be found here through the Greenwich Town site. During the fall and winter months, Laddin's Rock is a great vista where you can look south towards the sound and see for miles. During the spring and summer months, you can see red tailed hawks and vultures circling above the rock. Down below you can enjoy a cool and shady picnic at the base of the cliff. Access to the top of Laddin's Rock is easy. There are short, moderate trails that lead to the pinnacle. Once at the top, wildlife can be easily viewed and there is plenty of space to lay out and catch some rays, have a picnic, or just enjoy being in the forest.Greenwich has a lot of great parks and forests that residents and non-residents should take advantage of. A list of such parks can be found here. Hiking, fishing, biking, dog walking, and trail running are just a few activities that you can do in the forests of Greenwich. Outdoor climbing should only be done under proper supervision, as well as, after some indoor training.Laddin's Rock is dog friendly. Parking is simple with a large grassy area along side the road.A short video of me climbing a boulder at the base of Laddin's Rock can be found here. It will give you more of an idea of Laddin's Rock. Enjoy!Laddin's is an extension of Rosa Harmon Park. Click here to see it on google maps.If you have any questions about climbing and/or are interested in starting to climb contact contributor Julien Jarry.

THING 195 - Catch safe and great tasting fish in Greenwich, CT

Why not take advantage of Greenwich's prime location on the Western Long Island Sound by catching dinner? The waters off the coast of Greenwich are packed full of safe and great tasting fish to eat. Such species include, Striped bass, black fish, and flounder. If you don't have access to a boat you can simply cast off of any of Greenwich's shores and have a good chance of scoring a fish.If trout is more your cup of tea, the Mianus River gets stocked up to four times a year with browns, brooks, and rainbows. Access to some of the best fishing grounds on the river would be through the Mianus River Park.To fish the salt waters and/or fresh waters of Connecticut the state requires all persons fishing to buy a license. Licenses are not expensive and can be purchased online here.For more information about fishing in Greenwich, contact contributor Julien Jarry.