Greenwich Apple Store

Apple store broken into?!

Seriously, first Betteridge and now the Apple Store?The Daily Greenwich reporting:"The Apple store on Greenwich Avenue was burglarized early Tuesday by five unknown suspects, taking thousands of dollars worth of items.

According Lt. Kraig Gray, spokesman for the Greenwich Police Department, at about 3 a.m. Tuesday, the five suspects smashed the front glass door, rushed into the store, grabbed many electronic items from display cases and fled in an unidentified vehicle. The stolen property was valued in the tens of thousands of dollars.As of Tuesday afternoon, the Greenwich Police Department's Detective Division was investigating the burglary. The store has surveillance equipment."

How a Greenwich CT firm became 100% Mac.

How Steve Job changed a Greenwich CT firm.When Belpointe Asset Management launched I went out and bought 6 PCs. I'd always used Macs but unfortunately in 2007 the financial world was 100% PC.

At the time my staff had only used PCs and so I assumed the need to support them on PCs would be minimal. Boy was I wrong.

Normal usage resulted in six months of fighting corrupted files, viruses, unreliable network connections and the worst computing environment imaginable. Having come from Macs and never experiencing this before I was slowly going insane.

Keeping six PCs up and running on Windows XP was a full time job. I did not have this time. There was no way I could manage money and raise assets if I had to act as a full time CTO.

It was 2 am and I was surrounded by four down PCs when I snapped. Within fifteen minutes I spent just over $6,000 ordering a bunch of Macs. The next morning I got reamed by my business partner, but it was worth it.

The arrival of the Macs immediately saved me twenty hours a week in IT support. The Macs just worked and this meant I could get back to growing my company.

Thanks Steve. - Greg