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    Greenwich, CT Real Estate Market - November 2010

    November was not a crazy month by any stretch of the imagination. We had 25 sales, which is pretty close to the 29 we had in 2009.  Historically it is never a big month as most people are consumed by (or consuming) turkey and football.  This odd period between the holidays is never really a hot time.  One thing I would like to point out about this November is that the sales were considerably smaller in price than the average and last November. We saw an average sales price of $1.375m, which is about a million less than the average.  There were many condo and apartment transactions in Greenwich.For the year, sales are way up when compared to 2009 and inventory has remained about the same.  I see this as a good sign for things to come.  I expect the inventory number to jump come January and February for cyclical reasons - people like to buy and sell in the spring and people like to buy when they have money/bonuses.

    INTERESTING LISTINGS - 54 Doubling available again...

    54 Doubling ($1.695m) went into contract the day before Thanksgiving and is now available again; too bad for the sellers.  It's a really neat home that someone will enjoy.  Yes, it is close to the street, but Doubling doesn't get that much traffic and you really feel protected on the property. Its not your normal flat square lot, this is really for a buyer who wants something truly original.  With a birthyear of 1839, I have to imagine this is one of the older structures in the area.  Almost all of the interior is in great condition, you just need to figure out how to raise the ceiling in the living area.  Worth a look for those that like character.

    INTERESTING TRADES - Co-op sale in Greenwich

    174 Putnam Park

    There are some great deals out there.  174 Putnam Park is one of them.  This co-op in Putnam Park was originally listed for $530k two years ago and today finally sold for $345k.  With 2 bedrooms and 2 full baths, this was a great opportunity to get into Greenwich.

    INTERESTING TRADES - 5 Houses Traded Today

    18 Dandy sold for $1.775m

    18 Dandy sold for $1.775m

    18 Dandy sold for $1.775m

    18 Dandy sold for $1.775m

    18 Dandy sold for $1.775m

    We had 5 houses in Greenwich trade today.  I'm not sure if this means much, other than people wanting to close before Christmas week. We have seen a decent amount of closing activity, but not much "to contract" activity.

    INTERESTING LISTINGS - North Mianus Sale - 11 Amherst (2,000 sqft for $740k)

    11 Amherst sold for $738k

    I'm a big fan of North Mianus.  Its a wonderful neighborhood with all of the standard Greenwich benefits (taxes, facilities, etc..).  11 Amherst sold today for $738k and I think that's a great deal.  The design might be a little controversial, but you get a full 4 bedrooms, two full bathrooms, over 2,000 sqft of space and are now living in a great kid friendly (trick or treating) neighborhood. Excellent area for an entrance into Greenwich.  The North Mianus area was built up after WWII; which is where all the street names came from and why you have lots of split level homes.

    INTERESTING LISTINGS - Who will buy 14 Maher?

    14 Maher priced at $1.249m

    14 Maher priced at $1.249m

    This is one of my favorite listings in Greenwich. Beautiful turn of the century home.  Has been abandoned for a little while and is now in the midst of "bank issues".  With a little love, I think it could be brought back beautifully. I love the bones.  So much potential with 3rd floor and basement buildouts.