Martin Dale

INTERESTING TRADES - First Sale of 2011 - 21 Martin Dale North - $1.975m

21 Martin Dale North SOLD for $1.975M

The first sale in 2011 in Greenwich, CT goes to 21 Martin Dale North.  The Greenwich MLS has reported a couple other transactions, but those actually took place in Dec 2010.21 Martin Dale North is a niced sized house (3,370 sf, 4 bedrooms, 3 full bathrooms and one half-bath) located in central Greenwich. It's actually pretty close to town, but doesn't have any of the traffic as it is a dead-end street.Originally listed at $2.495m almost a year ago, it traded for just under $2m at $1.975.  This is still a lot of money for a 4 bedroom house, though you get 2009 renovations, a decent sized piece of property, North Street school, and an excellent location.